Our knowledge of the prehistory and history of Cambodia before the Angkor times is still very limited. This is due to a lack of research, when comparing with neighbouring countries like Vietnam or Thailand. The existing Cambodian Chronology needs a lot of additions in the future.


Concerning fieldwork the Memot Centre for Archaeology (MCA) staff members are exploring new circular earthworks and other archaeological sites in the region. Since the MCA has been established, more than 20 new circular earthworks have been discovered in Krek and Memot. These Earthworks are the remains of Early Iron Age villages (middle of 1st millennium BC), with a concentric row of stilt huts, surrounded first by a circular ditch and than by an outside wall, the diameter is between 200 and 300 m.

Krek 52/62 is one of the earthworks that the MCA has concentrated on, its excavation and research.

Excavation in Village 10.8, 2006

Beside circular earthworks and some Angkorian finds, one other archaeological discovery is of great importance. It is an Iron Age cemetery located in Village No. 10.8 inside Krek rubber plantation. The site was discovered in 2000. It is heavily damaged due to quarrying for laterite. Survey and careful excavations between 2001 and 2006 have resulted in a number of interesting finds: The cemetery Village 10.8 will help us to understand the development of the increasing influence from India to Cambodia.